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Dr. Mena Offers
Help For:

Anxiety and Panic      Disorders

Depression and     Mood Disorders

Sexual Abuse and
    Trauma Recovery

Eating Disorders &
     Body-Image Issues

Problems In      Relationships and
     Intimacy Concerns

Grief and Loss

Stress Management

Self-Esteem Issues

Infertility, Adoption          and Postpartum

Women's Issues

 Life Coaching


Dr. Urban offers individual, couples and family counseling. Depending upon your goals, she will help you determine which therapy is best suited to your needs. Dr. Urban offers help for:

Anxiety and Panic Disorders:
We live in a very complex and competitive society, stress is unavoidable what is avoidable is turning stress into an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are serious and without appropriate therapy they get worse not better overtime. For everyday stress I do relaxation training and cognitive restructuring but for anxiety disorders more intense therapy is required to teach the patient appropriated coping skills, assertiveness, conflict resolution and boundary setting. Anxiety disorders is one of my specialties and I have helped 100s of people liberate themselves from them.

Depression and Mood Disorders:
Depression is the most common problem of our times and society, yet there is a lot of stigma associated with it. I remove the stigma and guide patients to come to terms with their loses and disappointments, recognize the things they can change and remove the obstacles standing in the path of their successful recovery. I work closely with MDs and psychiatrist in the area to coordinate treatments if medications is required.

Sexual Abuse and Trauma Recovery:
Dr. Urban is known for her compassionate and highly effective work with individuals of all ages.

Eating Disorders and body-image issues:
Eating disorders are approaching endemic proportions hitting our youngsters the hardest. Loss of control, social isolation, shame, anger, family tension and/or dissolution is what characterizes eating disorders. I help patients develop a healthier relationship with food, handle interpersonal conflict effectively, develop a healthy body image. I work closely with doctors, family and nutrition experts.

Problems in relationships and intimacy concerns:
All relationships have ups and downs. When relationship survived adversity they grow stronger and more intimate. Unfortunately when partners get caught in a web of strong emotions they lose touch with objectivity and empathy and stop listening to each other. I help partners listen to each other more openly and more empathically. I help them recognize the patterns that each repeats in the relationship and take ownership of the changes that they both have to make. I have come to recognize that the old saying “love conquers all” is not quite correct. Love is important, but learning to communicate effectively, realistic expectations, and flexibility are the foundations of every successful relationship.

Grief and loss:
Loss comes in different forms not just through death. Major changes and phases in life frequently involve loss, sacrifice and separation. I help people manage all these feelings and put each experience of loss in perspective so they can regain their strength and hope. I see loss and change as inevitable parts of life and opportunities for growth.

Stress management:
Providing compassionate care to help alleviate tension on a daily basis.

Self-esteem issues:
Honoring your strength and unique gifts is a process of loving one's self.

Infertility, adoption an postpartum:
These emotional, stressful issues are often difficult for couples to deal with on their own. Dr. Urban provides support, guidance and direction to help parents and parents-to-be.

Women's issues:
For every change in a woman's life - physical and emotional to help you ease through transitions and move forward with a sense of peace and serenity.

Personal Life Coaching:
Dr Urban’s widely diverse cultural, academic and professional background gives her a breadth of knowledge and experience that allow her to look at her clients’ lives from different perspectives. She offers insightful guidance in identifying personal goals and removing obstacles so people can actualize themselves for a fuller and happier life.

Dr. Urban also offers :

  • Psychological assessments
  • Biofeedback training for stress reduction
  • Hypnosis for stress management and relaxation

Call her today at (732) 974-4044

Dr. Urban, a psychologist known throughout Monmouth County and Ocean County for her work is right here for you in Sea Girt, New Jersey!


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