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Dr. Mena Offers
Help For:

Anxiety and Panic      Disorders

Depression and     Mood Disorders

Sexual Abuse and
    Trauma Recovery

Eating Disorders &
     Body-Image Issues

Problems In      Relationships and
     Intimacy Concerns

Grief and Loss

Stress Management

Self-Esteem Issues

Infertility, Adoption          and Postpartum

Women's Issues

 Life Coaching



Dr. Urban is INCREDIBLE. She literally saved my life and continues to help me with my stress, anxiety, and whatever else comes up. I have been seeing Dr. Urban every week (at least once a week!) for the past year and she really has brought out the best in me. Before this, I had never talked to anyone before and was scared/ashamed. Now I tell all of my friends how great it is to see a therapist. It is so great to see Dr. Urban and I can honestly say I do not know where I would be without her.

Kelly M.

Dr. Urban
I was a patient of yours many yrs ago in 1994. You helped me heal and find strength to eventually leave a domestic violence situation. Today I was sorting through an old memory box of mine, I store keepsakes in throughout my life. And I came across a card from you from 1994 you wrote to me and wrote- "I hope you have happiness and reach for the stars always." Throughout the years I thought of you as I gaze at my now husband and beautiful life I created and know that it was your therapy that impacted my life to make it better. I got married to a good man in 2003 and my daughter is a Rn now getting married soon. She chose to have no contact with her bio dad. Smart choice. And her stepfather had been a blessing as a male role model to her. Thank you for your encouragement and helping me to make healthy life choices. At this point in my life I would like to perhaps do some sort of volunteer work to help women of domestic violence the way I was helped. After all these years I again thank you and I hope all is well with you.


I am currently working with Dr. Urban for the 2nd time in my life, and I came back after 6 years because her guidance was so impactful the first time. She provided a space of exploration and acceptance in which I came to understand and could begin to heal my depression, anxiety, and disordered eating. Now, after only a few months of our renewed therapist-patient partnership, she is helping me to explore my behavioral patterns of codependency and to delve into many suppressed emotions and internalizations that have kept me feeling "stuck" on the bridge from adolescence to adulthood. For a while, I thought that my lack of clarity, aimlessness, exhaustion, and self-criticism were things that could be cured through productivity and organization training, self-help books, and a dedication to positivity. But now that I've been digging into the really deep stuff in Dr. Urban's care, I know that surface-level tactics will never provide long-term peace. I have seen other therapists (while away at college) but Dr. Urban is the only one who has fostered empowerment in me and has helped me to challenge my assumptions. If everyone had a Dr. Urban, the world would be a very enlightened, mindful place


Dr. Urban is great! She is so easy to talk to and you really feel like she listens. She comes up with great solutions to different situations. I look forward to our appointments whenever we have them. She is a consummate professional and has certainly helped me in many ways for which I am grateful.

Andrew P.
Jackson, NJ

Dr. Mena Urban is an extremely caring and understanding therapist. She is a highly skilled professional who helps her patients become happier and better functioning human beings. Under her care, I have learned to deal with many of the issues that can make people miserable (e.g. depression, sudden loss of a spouse, difficulties with children, to name a few). She has helped me discover the joy, wonder and love to be found in living. Dr. Urban is very calm and patient, important qualities for the task of finding a new and improved way to live. She has absolutely helped me turn my life around, a feat I could never have accomplished without the guidance of a professional. I recommend her to anyone who has a problem whether it be large or small. We all have problems that threaten to beat us down in life. Dr. Urban can help you like she helped me!.

Kathleen M.
Allenhurst, NJ

Dr. Urban has been a saving grace in my life for almost 2 years now! She really helps me to see things clearly. I have learned to process emotions, particularly stress and frustration with a lot less overwhelm and disagreement. My life was filled with so much anxiety, anxiety that was keeping me from living a normal and healthy life. I struggled for years to get to the bottom of my problem in order to change them and this happened with Dr. Urban is very calming and easy to talk to. She makes me feel very safe and really listens to my issues. With her direction, I find my own answers, and we work together to implement better life skills that produce success.

Elizabeth S.
Freehold, NJ


Dr. Mena is not someone who listens to respond to your problems, but she listens to understand them so you can figure out how to respond yourself. I have never been comfortable talking about personal things, but I am completely at ease when I'm with her. She helped me make the changes necessary to live my very best life, and I can't be more thankful. I recommend anyone and everyone I know to her because she is truly so incredibly helpful. The most important thing I looked for when seeking someone to talk with was patience, and Dr. Mena was and is the best choice for me.

Abi V.
Manasquan, NJ


Dr. Urban has been and is an angel on my journey. I was stuck and she provided me with a variety of tools and supported me. Her perfect blend of intelligence and wisdom are exactly what I need to navigate "the tricky parts" of life. She truly is awesome and I highly recommend her. I'm grateful for all that she has done for me but mostly the work that she makes me want to do for "me".

Marilyn S.
Princeton, NJ

Life is too precious to let challenges hold you back. Let Dr. Urban
help you as she
has helped so many others.

 Call her today at (732) 974-4044




Dr. Urban, a psychologist known throughout Monmouth County and Ocean County for her work is right here for you in Sea Girt, New Jersey!


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