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Dr. Mena Offers
Help For:

Anxiety and Panic      Disorders

Depression and     Mood Disorders

Sexual Abuse and
    Trauma Recovery

Eating Disorders &
     Body-Image Issues

Problems In      Relationships and
     Intimacy Concerns

Grief and Loss

Stress Management

Self-Esteem Issues

Infertility, Adoption          and Postpartum

Women's Issues

 Life Coaching



Dr. Urban, is a dynamic and interactive psychologist.

Dr. Urban has 25 years of experience treating anxiety and depression and hundreds of patients who having shed the shackles of darkness and fear actualized their potentials. Her method of treating anxiety and depression is based not only on well established and effective techniques but also on the most current research in the fields of clinical psychology, neuropsychology and medicine. Each patient is treated as a unique individual and treatment is tailored to his/her needs and sensitivities.

A Diplomate of the American Academy of Experts
in Traumatic Stress, she has been recognized for her compassionate and effective treatment of post-traumatic stress and dissociative disorders.

Emotional trauma and depression are often accompanied by physical illness and bodily pain. Managing physical pain whether due to trauma or illness is crucial and effective pain management techniques are taught.

For people with cancer, arthritis, diabetes, headaches, and residual pain from surgery, injuries and accidents, Dr Urban's techniques can be priceless.

Call Dr. Urban today at (732) 974-4044

Dr. Urban, a psychologist known throughout Monmouth County and Ocean County for her work, is right here for you in Sea Girt, New Jersey!



Dr. Mena Urban, New Jersey Psychologist


"I have seen other therapists (while away at college) but Dr. Urban is the only one who has fostered empowerment in me and has helped me to challenge my assumptions. If everyone had a Dr. Urban, the world would be a very enlightened, mindful place.....

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